Pirates, Pants and Wellyphants

On Saturday 7th March 2015 I went with my Mum and Sister (Cara) to the Exhibition Launch of Pirates, Pants and Wellphants at The Point in Doncaster.

We went by bus and sat at the front upstairs, spotting green cars.

When we arrived at The Point, where my mum used to work, we were given a sticker and then we then headed downstairs to check out the exhibition, there was also a popup shop with lots of books (but we had many of them already!).

The point was very busy (we later found out there was over 1,000 people there over the day!). The exhibition was brilliant, very colouful with lots of activities to do, but the best bit was meeting Nick Sharratt and having one of my books signed, he even drew me a picture of Daisy.

A little later on I saw my friend Logan Adams and enjoyed exploring the exhibition with him and his little siter Rainey. We met Captain Seadragon (who was a little bit strange) and had a great time

Here are some photos from our great day out.

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